Terms of Service

We assist clients in representing themselves in legal proceedings. We are what is commonly known as paralegals and we are not attorneys. Our typing costs do not include the filing/handling fee or personal service (if required for complaints), and we do not include replies, motions, or other pleadings. If an answer or opposition is filed to a complaint you may need to hire an attorney, as we are not attorneys.

Once your divorce or annulment papers have been typed our typing fees have been fully earned and no refund is available. We are not responsible for verifying the accuracy, veracity, or comprehensiveness of any information provided to us by the client. Neither Las Vegas Divorce/Annulment Group nor any attorney working with us in the preparation of the paperwork requested by the client, represents any client, as the attorney of record, in any legal proceeding.

Las Vegas Divorce/Annulment Group reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of $25 for processing dishonored checks, $50 or $75 charge for changes made by the client or for client’s errors, after the papers are typed, and $10 fee for remailing papers to client.

Inquiries as to the status of your case may be addressed no sooner than one (1) week after returning your signed documents to our office. We will try to respond to status calls within 1 day. We allow three (3) free status calls for your case. Additional status calls will be charged $25 for four (4) additional calls. We trust our clinets will understand our need for these charges as we have quoted and charged a set price for the typing of your papers.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In the event of any error in or omission of all or any part of our services, the parties agree our liability shall be limited to a pro rata abatement of the charges payable for such services performed by Las Vegas Divorce/Annulment Group. In no event shall our liability to Customer for claims of any kind whatsoever for loss or damage arising out of or in any way connected with any such error or omission exceed the total of such charges for the services paid by client. No monies paid to third parties is refundable to client, without limitation, for court filing fee or service of process fees, or costs to obtain a copy of client’s marriage license.

All balances are due within 30 days. 15% late charge and statutory intest will apply each month if total due is not paid by the due date. In the event that either party is required to take legal action to enforce the provisions of Nevada Quick Divorce’s Terms of Agrrement or an invoice, the prevailing party shall be entitled to all attorney fees and costs of suit relating to said action.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Nevada, without regard to such state’s rules regarding conflicts of laws. Customer agrees that courts located in Washoe County, Nevada shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims and actions arising out of or relating to this Agreement.